20 Best Housewarming Gifts for Couples

couple making dinner at home

Are you looking for housewarming gifts for couples?

We have amazing gifts for you to choose from that will make a lasting impression on the new homeowners.

Finding the best gift for couples who have invited you to celebrate their new home is not an easy task. Actually, this is an event that will have a big impact on the start of something new for them.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to prepping for a new home, so it’s important to choose neutral colors and items that you know they will need and use.

There are several things to consider when planning to buy that perfect housewarming gift; whether you are invited to celebrate with newlyweds or a couple who may be upgrading their forever home.

The couple who have been living together for a good space of time may have more home essentials than a newly married couple.

Our gift ideas, however, will work well no matter which category the couple you are shopping for falls into.

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Let’s get started so you can shop for the best housewarming gifts for couples:

20 Best Housewarming Gifts For Couples

1. Personalized Rubber Stamp with New Home Address

envelope with an a address on it

Custom Return Address Stamp – Starting at $24.95 at the time of publication

We had to start out with the best gift for our list. What new homeowner wouldn’t want this? This gift highlights the excitement of owning a home and can be used for years to come. Mailing out invitations has never been easier than it will be with this customized rubber stamp to save the trouble of writer’s cramp. They will love this.

2. Key Chain (Personalized for New HomeOwner)

Set of leather key chain tags with personalization and names Bill and dates 11/15-11/20

Personalized Home Keychain – Starting at $15.90 at the time of publication

Getting the key to your new home comes with an exciting feeling of accomplishment. This personalized Keychain can be a delightful surprise to the new homeowners. The creative possibilities are endless with this gift. 

3. Modernistic Ceramic Serving Bowl

Large White ceramic bowls

For couples who like to entertain, this beverage dispenser is the perfect gift. It is stylish, makes serving beverages simple, and their guests can help themselves when they need a refill.

4. Premium Glass Beverage Dispenser

Large glass lemonade dispenser

Style Setter 3 Gallon Glass Beverage Drink Dispensers with Metal Stand & Lid – Starting at $78.89 at the time of publication.

Large Serving Bowls, Serving Bowls for Entertaining, Set of 2 ($24.99 at the time of production)

These ceramic bowls make a great gift idea. You will find these classic serving bowls to be a useful item that every couple needs.

 5. Cotton Tea Towels

Set of two hand towels that are black and white with fringes on the bottom

Original Turkish Hand Towels Set of 2  – Starting at $16.99 at the time of publication

With over 12,000 great reviews, it’s clear that these are great items for the home. They are something this couple doesn’t already have. Every couple always needs more kitchen towels! That is why these super cool cotton tea towels made our list for the best housewarming gifts.  You can choose the color to compliment the couple’s new home.

6. Coasters

set of blue multicolored coasters that are artsy with different patterns

Ceramic Stone Coasters Starting at $13.57 at the time of publication

The next housewarming gift for couples on our list are coasters. We are fans of these ceramic stone coasters that will go with any style. We’re not the only ones who think so, check out the 5 star review.

7. The Ultimate Pizza Stone

taupe pizza stone

Ultimate Pizza Stone for oven and grill- Starting at $47.97 at the time of publication

Making pizza at home is a family tradition.  This couple will love to make their own pizza in their new home with this pizza stone.  Check out how other buyers raved over this great gift.

8. Handheld Clothes Steamer

white and blue handheld steamer

Steamer Starting at $35.99 at the time of publication

This steamer has had almost 62,000 awesome reviews. This item is a time saver and sure to get a ton of use.  Some of the benefits include this steamer being super easy to use and small enough to store away in between uses. This is a gift any couple would love and think of you with gratitude every time they use it.

9. Coffee Mugs 

black mugs with brown cork at the bottom

 Coffee Mug Set – $22.00 at the time of publication

Whether they prefer coffee or tea, every homeowner needs mugs.  We choose this simple set with just enough flair to make them an ideal housewarming gift for couples. They come with over 4,000 raving reviews that will keep their coffee hot.

10. Bookends

white marble bookends with gold metal in the middle

White Marble Bookends $39.99 at the time of publication

If this couple enjoys reading, these marble bookends bring sophistication and style to any bookshelf.  

11. Cutting Board

square wood grained cutting board

Square End Grain Cutting BoardStarting at $59.99 at the time of publication

We chose this square end grain cutting board for our list of best housewarming gifts for couples because it is functional and beautiful.  The different wood tones will be the perfect compliment to any kitchen. 

12. Photo Frames  

frame with photo of Big Ben in the background and a red London Phone Booth in front

One wall tempered glass black solid wood photo frames for wall and tabletop– $17.00 at the time of publication

These picture frames were an easy pick for our list.  We love this quatrefoil frame set and we we aren’t the only ones over 35,000 others have highly rated this set! They will look great in any home.

13.  Blanket Throw

gray blanket throw

Silver Nader Tweed ThrowStarting at $30.60 at the time of publication

Every couple likes to cozy up in a big soft blanket.  We found the perfect throw for this.  The neutral colors choices make it a match for any new home.

14. Board Game

Monopoly board game photo

Monopoly Game – Starting at $20.98 at the time of publication

Who doesn’t love game night?  Monopoly is a classic and sure to be something the new homeowners will enjoy.

15. Handheld Vacuum

black handheld vacuum

Bissell Handheld Vacuum – Starting at $41.19 at the time of publication

This handheld vacuum is multi-faceted and can be used in the house or car to keep it nice and tidy.  It is a great gift idea for any new homeowner.

16. CookBook

Cookbook Modern comfort food featuring Chef Ina Garten

 Ina Garten Modern Cookbook – Starting at $19.00 at the time of publication

One of the best parts of owning a new home is getting to enjoy the kitchen.  Couples love cooking together and that is why this cookbook had to make our list of the best housewarming gifts for couples!

17.  Swiss Army Knife

Red and Silver Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Swiss Army Classic – Starting at $28.04 at the time of publication

This little gadget is something every homeowner needs. It will get a lot of use while unpacking boxes and just for everyday little things for pretty much the rest of their lives.

18. Travel by Design Book

Yellow book cover of Travel By Design

Travel by Design Book –  Starting at $95.00 at the time of publication

For the couple who loves to travel or is interested in learning more about traveling, this book is a great gift option. It also makes a nice conversation piece to add to the coffee table.

19. Glass Food Storage Containers w/lids

A set of multicolored silicone tops orange, blue and green covering a glass container for food storage

Pyrex Food Storage Glass Containers –  Starting at $44.99 at the time of publication

Every homeowner needs food storage containers.  Pyrex is known for quality products and that is why we chose this container set for our list.  Check out that 5 star rating!

  20. Cooking Utensil Set

Black cooking utensil set with large metal spoons and spatula

Stainless Steel Utensil Set –  Starting at $98.13 at the time of publication

Our final item on our list of best housewarming gifts for couples is this stainless steel utensil set.  This is a quality utensil set that will last and any couple would love to have this beautiful set in their new kitchen!

Some couples may decide to create a Registry to help guide you into getting them exactly what they want.

If you happen to be like most, you want to get something that is even better than what they list on their registry, something similar but that maybe they didn’t think of.

This is a great time to display your eye for style and showcase your great taste so be sure to seize the moment.

These opportunities don’t come around very often so be sure to make a lasting impression with what you give for this occasion.

Let us know if you were able to use any of our gift ideas and how it was received.  

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