How I Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to my Website As A New Blogger

I launched my blog in January 2018, and although I’m a newbie, I’m starting to FINALLY see a great increase in traffic.

If you have not started a blog yet, see my post here.

Traffic is every blogger’s desire (well almost every blogger) because…

Traffic = Money

The more traffic you get, the greater your chances are to make money through affiliate marketing, ad revenue, sponsorship opportunities, products you sell, etc.

If you’re anything like me I’ve become obsessed with checking my stats daily (who am I kidding, hourly) and I’m hoping to finally apply to Mediavine next month!

Update: I joined Mediavine and now making a great passive income with ads!

Mediavine is similar to Google Adsense, but you make 5-10X more than Google. To join you need a minimum of 25,000 SESSIONS (not views) in the last 30 days.

You can see how many sessions you have using Google Analytics on the homepage.  Here is a screenshot of mine in the last 28 days. Pinterest has been great for me.

How I drive Massive traffic to my blog using Pinterest

I have substantially increased the number of email subscribers and traffic because of ONE social media platform, Pinterest.

I NEVER thought Pinterest could bring me so much traffic. In my eyes, Pinterest had always been the place for home decor, clothes, quotes, etc., until my sister who also blogs at Organicleigh told me about an ebook she purchased called Pinterest Ninja.

Now, I’m pretty frugal and believe you can find most information on the web for free but thank God for this ebook because I would have never considered Pinterest.

Pinterest Ninja gives you a great foundation on how to get started.

I used to be happy with just 100 visits a day (really happy), but with my new Pinterest strategy, my traffic has exploded. I now get over 2,000 visits a day with some days like this

So here is what I’ve done.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

1. Set-up a Pinterest Business Account

You’ll learn how to do all of this from Pinterest Ninja but click on the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner and follow the directions. I also changed my Pinterest name to Tried and True Mom Jobs | Legitimate Work From Home Jobs, be descriptive about what you write about or do. I believe Pinterest has recently limited the number of characters you can use in your business name, so do what you can.

2. Set up at least 10 boards and add 20-40 third pins in each (high-quality pins)

These boards should be relevant to your type of business. For example, I write about making and saving money, so I have boards on Personal Finance, Finance, Money Management, etc.

You’ll want to use Pinterest “Topics” as your board names. THIS IS EVERYTHING. I was blown away by Pot Pie Girl’s revelation on how Pinterest really works. I would love to give you all the details but it just wouldn’t be fair to her.

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the ebook PIN Signals if you ever want to gain traffic on Pinterest without relying on followers. It has worked TREMENDOUSLY for me and it includes a video of her tailwind strategy.

I think it’s only $37 and I’ve made that up a LONG time ago in ad revenue from the Traffic I received.

3. Create a “Best Of” board

This is the first board you will see on my account of all my pins, but don’t add your pins to this until much later because you want to pin your pins to the most relevant boards first.

4. Write More Articles

I’ve been writing more blog posts and creating more pins and that has helped with my overall traffic. Sometimes I make 6-7 pins per post, try different pictures, colors, font sizes etc. to see what works for your audience.

5. Make Click Worthy Pin Images (Critical)

If you can’t do this, Pinterest will not work for you. I love creating pins in Canva and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Sometimes the pins you least expect to do well, do the best. This pin below went viral and I received well over 4,000 clicks from each pin (keep in mind everyone’s “viral” is different. Some could mean 25,000+ clicks in one to two days from a single pin or more)

How to Increase traffic to my site using Pinterest

This pin did so well, I decided to create a similar pin and it did even greater!

How to Gain a Ton of Traffic using Pinterest

My point in saying all of this is when you find a pin design that does well, keep making them just like that and continue to experiment with different designs. If you take a look at my Pinterest board you’d see so many different looks.

I don’t love these pins but apparently many people do. I’ve made about 5-6 pins that say the same thing but designed differently (and they have done well). I also added a little teaser on these to increase my click-through rate.

I have found that anything about saving money and frugal living does well on Pinterest.

6. Join Group Boards

Update: Pinterest has changed the way group boards work. This used to be how I gained most of my traffic but now I focus more on my personal boards.  I am apart of a couple really good group boards that I pin to, but I recommend focusing on your personal boards.

This was an EXCELLENT article about Group boards and I highly recommend reading it. I can’t believe she gave all of this valuable information for free.

Related Article: How I get over 100 followers a week now.

7. Participate in Facebook Group Pinterest Promos

Update: I no longer participate in these. I recommend spending your time on creating new “fresh” pins and using the right keywords.

8. Put my pinning on Autopilot!

I schedule a total of 100 pins a day using Tailwind. You can get a Free month of Tailwind Plus if you click here. If you purchase the ebook I mentioned earlier PIN SIGNALS she includes a video of her tailwind strategy (She’s a pure genius).

To quickly recap how I get over 2,000 views a day,

  • I use Pinterest!
  • I make clickable pins
  • I pin often to my personal boards
  • I use a scheduler to make sure my Pins are going out and in a nonspammy type of way and since Pinterest likes Tailwind and favors them, well, so do I.

I don’t want to put my eggs all in one basket, so I have focused a lot more on my SEO which is going great (it does take time). Here are some of the articles that have really helped me  on-page and off-page SEO and How to Research Keywords.

What are your best sources of traffic?

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How I Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to my Website As A New Blogger



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  • Chris

    Wow! I did not know that Pinterest could be such a great tool to get traffic to my blog! Thanks for the tips!

    • Max

      Thank you, I had no idea either. It’s been a tremendous help to my blog journey.

  • Tammie

    Will you be creating a YouTube tutorial on this? I would definitely watch it! I have so much I want to learn and I’m trying to decide what I should start first. Any suggestions? I really want to learn affiliate marketing, and that too would be great to be able to watch on YouTube.

    • Max

      Thank you, I may do a youtube video but for right now I’m happy to help you here. I highly suggest following the steps I laid out to increase your traffic from Pinterest and I can help answer any additional questions.

      Affiliate Marketing is great, the way it has worked for me is finding other bloggers in my niche and seeing what products/services they promote. It’s a good chance they are getting a commission from promoting it. I then google the “product/service” + “affiliate” to find out their program requirements and sign up if I meet the qualifications. If it is a product/service that I have not used, I find someone that has and write an article to convince others why they should purchase. If users click on your affiliate link and make a purchase you will get a commission.

      I interviewed this mom who makes $6,000 a MONTH from affiliate marketing. You can read that here.

    • Max

      Yes!!! I have learned that Pinterest drives great traffic but there is nothing better than having consistent traffic so I am also digging more into SEO.

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