6 Incredible Bullet Journal Ideas To Help Organize Your Money

Text: 6 incredible bullet journal ideas to help you organize your money.6 Bullet Journal Ideas to Organize Your Money with the Best bullet journal budgeting tools. Learn how to use a bullet journal for budgeting.

Managing your Money. Yes, it’s something all of us need to do, so instead of making it a chore, you can jazz it up a bit by using a bullet journal and I’ll show you how.

Bullet Journals are all the rage now and I love them because it’s just you, the pen and the paper.

Before I get into these incredible bullet journal ideas let’s start by defining what a bullet journal actually is.

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What is a Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a way to keep your life organized in a visually appealing way and helps you to stay accountable.

The idea of the bullet journal came from Ryder Carrol in 2013. It was a way for him to stay organized, he shared his organization techniques online and it went VIRAL and spiraled into an entire community.

Having a journal is nothing new, but it was the way he kept his life organized in the journal that made it so appealing. You can see how it works here.

Bullet Journaling is serious business, there are millions of people doing this. Take a look at the cool detailed designs people are doing to make it their own on Instagram and Pinterest.

You can use it to plan your day, meals, movie list, budget, track your weight loss goals, future plans, or whatever you want.

The idea is to have a perfect sized journal to carry around with you. Nothing too small or too large because you may forget about it if it’s too small or you won’t bring it with you if it’s too large. I recommend using one of these, no need to spend anything over $20.
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Color coding will also help you stay on task and make you accountable. If you see too many unchecked boxes it will remind you to get back on the ball and to start shading some stuff in. Make sure you have some pens with good ink quality and in an assortment of colors. You can use these
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I hope these bullet journal ideas will inspire you to start a journal, become accountable, and take control of your finances in a new organized fashion.

1. Monthly Budget  This is a great example of a monthly budget all on one page following the Dave Ramsey savings approach via @kadyplansit

A journal showing an example of how to budget and tracking your spending through the month

2. Savings – I love how Suzie from Start a Mom Blog created a goal to achieve $1,378 in a year with weekly milestones. Each week she saves $1 more until the end of the year to reach her goal.

Chart showing how to save $1378 in 1 year

3. Debt Tracker – This is such a neat way of representing how to pay off your debts in a board game format. The idea is that you pay off the smallest payment and work your way up to the largest another Dave Ramsey strategy via @reformedfreespirit

Chart showing how to pay off debt in gameboard format

4. Expense Tracker – I love how neat and detailed this Expense tracker is, definitely a format you may want to copy via @planyourplanner

An expense planner

5. Finance OverviewThis is a cool snapshot to do so you can get a quick glance at where you currently stand via Pin Source.

monthly budget with checking and savings balances and saving goals

6. Reminder – I love this one, it’s kind of funny but so true. We all need to be reminded of our goals and this is perfect to include in your journal to reflect on often via Funding Cloud Nine

Notebook with saving goals listed in it.

So which Bullet Journal ideas did you like the best?

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