6 Best Barbie Storage Ideas you WISH you knew Sooner (2024)

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Barbie Clothes Storage

Who needs Barbie storage ideas?

Well, I did too!

My daughter loves for me to play barbie with her but once we’re done playing it leaves a huge mess. 

Barbie has a ton of clothes and accessories that will eventually pile up until you have nowhere to put them or they can just get lost in the shuffle.

It was nearly impossible to neatly store all her Barbie dolls and clothes until I stumbled upon an organization system that saved the day, and some of these things could be what you have at home already. 

Just look at how I was able to neatly store her Barbie clothes in the picture above. 

I’ll share this setup with you in this article, and even if you don’t use my setup, I’m going to show you other Barbie storage ideas so you’ll walk away with a solution to the Barbie mess you may be facing.

Thank God for YouTube and the internet!  I’ve been able to score some little-known Barbie tips and tricks that have completely transformed my daughter’s room and I’m so excited to share them with you.

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Here are 6 Best Barbie Storage Ideas to help keep her room organized

1. DIY Barbie Storage

Barbies organized in cardboard holders.

This is the Barbie storage idea I use. I got the idea from this YouTube video and it worked perfectly. The dolls are stored in file holders that I purchased online from Amazon.  It’s so easy my 4-year-old daughter can do it and store ALL her Barbies nice and neatly in them. 

In addition to finding a place for the massive amount of dolls she has, I also wanted something that would allow me to store her Barbie clothes and accessories, so I bought this Binder and coupon saver sleeve that comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for storing her clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Barbie storage idea for organizing Barbie clothes and accessories

Here is how I put this together and stored her Barbies

2. Barbie Dream Closet

Barbie dream closet for storing clothes

Not too many 5/5 ratings you’ll see on Amazon, but with this Barbie Dream Closet, you’ll see over 5,000 raving 5-Star Reviews. This closet even comes with clothes with more room to spare for clothes you already have. 

I heard the only disappointment was that they wished it came with more hangers, but that’s just another item you can order. 

I know, I know, more Barbie stuff!  But, I can’t help myself and neither can my daughter but at least it will be a place to house her clothes. 

You can use this closet to store her Barbie clothes if you want to keep the “Barbie theme” going.

3. Barbie Storage Suitcase

Barbie storage suitcase for storing barbie

This barbie storage suitcase stores your Barbie’s and accessories perfectly with room to spare. It even has a compartment for accessories that can hold a ton of shoes.

It is plastic so as far as quality goes, you get what you pay for but if the idea is to have a central place to put her Barbie’s and accessories, this will do the trick. 

4. Over the door Barbie Organizer

barbie over the door organizer

This is an easy and quick solution to store Barbie and her accessories. The only drawback is the height. If your little ones are independent and want to put them up themselves it may be a little tough for them to do being so small, but if you don’t mind doing it yourself, try this one. 

The Barbie’s also hangover a bit causing the organizer not to be as flat to the wall as some would like, but if you’re looking for something quick and easy. This is a good affordable option.

5. Toy Organizer

toy organizer

This Toy organizer has over 11,000 5-star reviews. So what does that tell you? It’s not just for Barbie, but it could be. This organizer can really be used for many different things.

You know those 100 small wooden blocks, and toys that you can’t get rid of because your kid plays with them once every three months, that’s also what this can be used for. 

The large buckets can accommodate a couple of baby dolls and the smaller buckets are great for throwing small toys in. This organizer makes cleaning so much easier.

6. Underbed Storage Bag

under the bed storage idea for barbies

This is not designed for Barbie but it can still be used for Barbie dolls and their accessories. Easily store everything in this storage bag, zip it up and then slide it under the bed. Genius right?  Well, at least we like the idea. 

Storing things like this under the bed leaves so much room for other things, and there’s nothing wrong with just having more space. This is a great affordable storage bag to help declutter the Barbie mess. Another 5/5-star rating!

Bonus Tip!

Barbie Accessories Hack

jewelry organizer for Barbie accessories

Barbie also comes with a host of water bottles, food, rugs, and I mean literally every LITTLE thing you can imagine! You know this, it’s nice to take out only what my daughter wants to play with during her play session and this jewelry organizer will allow you to do just that. 

These dividers are small and lightweight, which means they are easy to carry and won’t take up much space. Perfect for your needs and you can even remove some of the tabs to give you a long vertical space, but not so much horizontally.

Now, these are our top Barbie Storage ideas that we know will help solve your problem of trying to keep the Barbie mess down to a minimum. I LOVE a clean house, it makes me feel good when I know my house is clean.  It’s also a great feeling to know there is a place for everything, being organized just makes life a little easier.

I’m not sure what your current situation looks like, but before implementing these great storage ideas putting all that clutter in a pile drove me crazy! There wasn’t a really good plan to organize all things Barbie until I found these incredible methods above. I also restructured my whole stay-at-home mom schedule to keep my life better organized. I hope you found the barbie storage solution that works for you in this article. 

Here are some frequently asked questions on Barbie Storage Ideas:

What is the best way to store Barbie Dolls?

The best way to store Barbie is in a way that both an adult and child can store. It should be easy to take out and easy to store. The items mentioned in this article are all great ways to store Barbie such as Barbie Dream Closet, storage suitcase, door organizer, underbed storage bag and even DIY storage containers like file holders. 

How do you organize Barbie stuff?

Barbie comes with a lot of accessories and it’s hard to keep everything in a central, easy-to-find place. So when you’re looking for ways to organize Barbie you need something that contains compartments where you can easily store shoes separately, accessories and the Barbie dolls themselves. The items mentioned in this article are all great ways to organize your Barbie stuff. 

How to display a Barbie collection?

The best way to display your Barbie collection is in action. If you have a Barbie Dreamhouse, car, or camper, it’s best to see Barbie in action as if she is doing something. To make her seem real. Displaying barbie dolls In a case is ok, but sitting on the couch in her house, or at the kitchen table is a great way to display Barbie in her own setting. 

Did you find these options helpful? Which Barbie storage idea do you like the best?  

Let us know in the comment section. 

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