Honest Truth About The Rainmaker Challenge (Bailee’s Story)

Bailee, a mom of two tells us why she was confident in the Rainmaker Challenge from the beginning.

Read on to see how Bailee shares that she believes mindset is everything and how she says the Rainmaker Challenge has impacted her life.

Bailee’s Honest Review of The Rainmaker Challenge

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started with The Rainmaker Family?

My name is Bailee and I grew up in northern Virginia. My husband is Zach and we’ve been married for almost 6 years. We have a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son who keeps us busy!

We currently live in Arizona where my husband is attending medical school. I started rainmakers in September 2022. I kept seeing the same Facebook ad over and over! I never stopped or cared to click on it to watch it.

One evening, I finally decided to watch it. I didn’t even click on it. I just read the captions since I never click on ads! I couldn’t believe that you could make money selling on Amazon.

I quickly showed my husband the ad and signed up for the Rainmaker challenge that evening. I was enrolled into the mastermind before I completed the 7 day challenge. Rainmakers has literally changed my life.

I was able to tell how genuine Stephen and Chelsey were from the Rainmaker challenge. The testimonials from those who are in Rainmakers made me feel so confident in my decision moving forward with them.

2. Were you hesitant about working with Rainmakers at the beginning?

Not at all. I was so confident in my decision from the very beginning. Stephen and Chelsey give you all the tools to be successful. The only way I would fail is if I didn’t utilize all the tools that were given to me and I wasn’t going to let that happen!

3. There are different ways of approaching Amazon through private labeling, wholesale, etc. What route did you take and how would you explain the process of how the method you chose works to a friend?

The method I use for selling on Amazon is private labeling. I wanted to have my own brand and have a sense of ownership of my products that I sell to customers. I reach out to manufacturers and let them know what I want done with my products and they produce that. My brand name is on the packaging and the product itself.

4. Did you have any experience with this before getting started?

I didn’t have any experience with this before I started. I got my bachelors degree in marriage and family studies.

5. Any Pros or Cons to working with The Rainmaker Family? Anything you wish the course had, but didn’t? Anything you’re especially grateful for?

Stephen and Chelsey are all about implementing feedback from the rainmaker community so they are already adding things that people felt were missing from the course! I really appreciate that they do that.

I’m so grateful for all of the coaching calls that are held all week long. Those have been extremely helpful. It’s nice to be on a call with people that are in the same boat as you. I love that they do a mindset call each week.

Mindset plays a huge role when it comes to success. Stephen and Chelsey work really hard to make sure that we have a positive mindset. There have been times where my mindset wasn’t where I wanted it so I would go back and re-listen to one the mindset calls. Those have been a lifesaver!

6. How much did you invest before you saw any results?

It was roughly $20,000 before I saw results. It felt scary in the moment. I had to remind myself that this was an investment. Just like undergrad and also my husband’s medical school. The ROI is much quicker in Amazon FBA.

7. Knowing what you know now about Amazon, do you think it is necessary to work with a coaching program like Rainmakers to get started or could you have done this on your own?

It is absolutely necessary to work with a coaching program! There is no way I could have done this without rainmakers. There is so much that goes into Amazon FBA.

I wouldn’t have been able to look everything up on Google that I needed to know and get a clear answer. It’s super important to be doing Amazon FBA with people who know what they are doing. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

8. After joining Rainmakers how long did it take for you to get your first sale?

I got my first sale the first day my listing was active! I was really surprised it happened that quickly!

9. How much have you earned since joining Rainmakers?

I started selling 10 months ago and my revenue is roughly $123,000 and my profit is roughly $70,000. I will be launching a variation to one of my products in the next couple of months.

10. What tools or resources are needed to become successful with the Amazon FBA program?

We use the Helium 10 software that shows all the data on Amazon. Knowing that data is crucial. There’s no way to know what product would be success without Helium 10. I can’t speak for other Amazon FBA coaching programs but Rainmakers has it all.

I’ve gone through the entire course and all their resources. They cover every little thing it takes to run an Amazon FBA business. It’s important to have a positive mindset. Mindset is everything when running a business.

11. What does a typical day look like for you now?

My day starts out with me looking at how much money I’ve made while asleep! I love it. I’m able to focus on my kids all day long. I don’t do any work. Every now and then I will send a text message to my manufacturer letting them know about reorders. But that’s it.

My business has become passive. It wasn’t always like this though! I put in a ton of work in the beginning for it to become passive. The good news is that I’ve only worked while my kids napped or after they were asleep at bedtime. This is the perfect mom job.

12. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become successful with Amazon FBA?

I would tell someone to be patient with this. This is not quick money. You’re growing an actual business. It takes time and a lot of work on the front end. There will be times where you make mistakes.

One of my products was a flop. I lost about $4,000 on that one. I had to make a calculated decision to cut my price in half to get rid of my inventory ASAP rather than selling at a much slower rate. I knew if I tried to even break even, I would have lost more money with advertising fees and storage fees.

There will be many ups and downs in this journey but don’t allow the downs stop your journey. Always work on mindset. If my mindset wasn’t straight, I would have quit! If you want to be successful with Amazon FBA, it’s all about who and not how.

Find a community such as Rainmakers to guide you through this. Surround yourself with like-minded people who cheer you on. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Rainmakers and my family!

13. What types of products do you sell, feel free to be as specific or broad as you’d like?

I sell a coffee knock box and stepping stones for kids. I’d like to niche down more and focus on products for children. I resonate with that category more because I have small children!

14. Would you like us to mention your brand for more exposure in the article? If YES, list your brand name here:

My brand is Capri & Camden Co.

Thank you Bailee for such an honest review. Your success is inspiring. If you want to try the 7-day Rainmaker challenge click here (aff link)

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