Honest Truth About The Rainmaker Challenge (Aubree’s Story)

Aubree has had amazing success with the Rainmaker Challenge!

See how much she initially invested and why when asked about doing the Rainmaker Challenge she tells people to “Do it yesterday!”

Aubree didn’t have a sale until 7 months after setting up her first product but has made up for it since. Read on to see how!

1. Were you hesitant about working with Rainmakers at the beginning?

I had no hesitations. I was all in! Between my friend’s testimonial, and the fact that I knew I’d be learning how to make data based decisions, I felt super confident in this opportunity and learning from the Rainmaker Family.

2. There are different ways of approaching Amazon through private labeling, wholesale, etc. What route did you take and how would you explain the process of how the method you chose works to a friend?

I’ve created three private label brands because I have no chill. If I have a vision for a product, I don’t stop until it’s on Amazon! When searching for a product, I look for something with high search volume and low competition.

Then I use that data to inform all of my decisions, including design, order quantities, pricing etc. Using data helps me feel more confident in seeing a product through to production.

As far as choosing the private label route, I do this because I’m super passionate about developing a brand around my products. It’s so fun to see the whole thing come to life!

3. Did you have any experience with this before getting started?

I had no experience in e-commerce before starting in Rainmakers. I’m just a regular homeschooling mom. I was a teacher before we had kids and had dabbled a bit in mlms.

4. Any Pros or Cons to working with The Rainmaker Family? Anything you wish the course had, but didn’t? Anything you’re especially grateful for?

Choosing to join the Rainmaker Mastermind and be part of the Rainmaker family has been an incredible blessing. Amazon FBA is very complex. There’s so many steps and places where you could easily make a costly mistake.

The course is so well designed and addresses all of those potential hurdles. Plus, having a coach is invaluable. I know I couldn’t found this level of success this quickly without Rainmakers!

5. How much did you invest before you saw any results?

I think my initial investment to launch my first product was probably around $20-25k. I saw quick results on that first launch, and quickly launched many more SKUs.

6. Knowing what you know now about Amazon, do you think it is necessary to work with a coaching program like Rainmakers to get started or could you have done this on your own?

See answer above 😘

7. After joining Rainmakers how long did it take for you to get your first sale?

It took me 7 months from joining to my first sale. It would have been faster, but I had a small hiccup right before Chinese New Year that caused a delay.

8. How much have you earned since joining Rainmakers?

I launched my first product in April, and I’m on track to do a half a million in revenue this calendar year. I’m so grateful!

9. What tools or resources are needed to become successful with the Amazon FBA program?

I’m a huge fan of helium 10 and Alibaba! I still use the Rainmaker’s Power Profit Tool! I think time, patience, creativity and good research skills are also key.

10. What does a typical day look like for you now?

I check in on messages Monday-Friday morning and night because of the time difference between my manufacturers and me, but besides that, I don’t do a ton on a daily basis.

My kids go to school Tuesday and Thursdays, so I save any bigger projects like graphic design or writing listings for those days. You can hire out those things for cheap, but I’m a bit of a control freak still.

11. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become successful with Amazon FBA?

Do it yesterday. Trust the process. If you have this placed on your heart to give your family more time and financial freedom, it’s there for a reason. You owe it to yourself to see it through!

12. What types of products do you sell, feel free to be as specific or broad as you’d like?

My newest brand just released trendy, aesthetic bounce houses! It’ll have lots of fun beautiful active play toys for kids! I’m super proud of it! I also have a home birth essentials company and a line of recipe boxes and cards. Random I know! Haha

13. Would you like us to mention your brand for more exposure in the article? If YES, list your brand name here:

I’d love for you to mention our newest brand—Bouncee! It’s really exploding on Instagram, and it’s so fun! @bounceeco… we have lots of fun products planned for 2024!!

14. Would you like us to link to your website or storefront if it fits the article? If YES, insert the link here:

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Thank you Aubree for such an honest review. Your success is inspiring. If you want to try the 7-day Rainmaker challenge click here (aff link)

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