How She Makes $35,000 Per Month with Digital Products

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Create a digital product!

This is what a lot of course creators say. Why?

Well, because it’s an excellent source of income. Make a digital product ONCE and then you can sell it over and over and over again.

Many people are now doing this, but many people are NOT making over $35,000 per month like Becky from the website

But her success did not happen overnight. Becky only made $1 in her first month. After 6 months, she was earning just $100 a month from her blog.

It took a full year before she began ranking on Google and driving organic traffic to her posts.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a big shift in her business. Her monthly traffic blew up from 20,000 monthly pageviews to over 250,000!

How did she do it and how does she do it?

Well, we’ll let her tell you herself!

Thank you so much Becky for letting us get a peak inside your world and understand how you built a multi-six-figure business from home!

How to Make Money with Digital Products

1. Can you share a little bit about yourself and how you got started in creating digital products and your site?

I started when I was pregnant with my son, Bryan. At the time, I was working a stressful job as a web designer/developer for a healthcare company.

My boss was extremely cruel and made me work long hours. He also didn’t give me any paid maternity leave, so I had to save up to have my baby. I wanted to escape the 9-5 job way and create my own business.

I kept working on my blog each week when I had free time. Eventually, I started selling digital products like printables, spreadsheets, ebooks, and courses in my Shopify store,

I also sell self-published books on Amazon. My hard work has paid off because I now earn between $30k – $40k a month. I have been working full-time on my business for 2 years now as I have quit my job! YAY!

2. What motivated or inspired you to enter the digital product creation space?

I wanted a way to make more money online other than rely on ad and affiliate income. I’m at the mercy of affiliate programs shutting down and advertisers changing their rates. With digital products, I can control my own prices and sales funnels.

3. What were the initial challenges you faced when starting MomBeach and getting into the world of digital products, and how did you overcome them?

My full-time job started having me work over 60 hours a week. I was also on call for 24 hours some weekends. When software needed to be deployed, I had to come in and stay until 2 am in the morning. This caused me to have less time to work on my blog and see my own family.

I was spending more time with my son’s picture than I was with him. Something had to give!

To overcome this, I decided to get up early or stay up late. I also worked on my business during my lunch hour. I’d schedule myself a tiny office to use during lunch so that I wouldn’t be disturbed.

Also, my friends and family were against the idea of me doing entrepreneurship. I come from only 9-5 workers and no entrepreneurs in my family.

A woman sitting at her desk frustrated.

4. How did AI change your business?

I now use AI to create printables and promote them with Pinterest. My course Ai-Powered Pinning reveals how I’m able to drive traffic to my digital products using AI and Pinterest.

5. Can you describe one or two key milestones or successes that stand out in your entrepreneurial journey?

When I was able to replace my full-time income of $7,000 a month with my business. This was huge and I felt I could finally quit my soul-sucking job and have a better life working on just my business.

I’m now able to have more time for my son and help out at his school as a room mother.

6. How do you manage the balance between running a business and your responsibilities as a mom? What does a typical day look like?

I will get up at 9 am CST each day to send out a few emails. I email my list each day because it makes me happy and excited. I love talking to them as a friend and enjoy it. I then give my VA tasks to do in the Trello board.

Then, I will do tasks that I’m best at such as course creation, emailing, working with sponsors, social media posts, and more. I then pick up my son from his school at 4 pm CST.

I then give him 100% of my focus such as help him with homework and spend time with him. My husband comes home from work at 6 pm CST. We then have dinner and then family time.

For family time we will watch movies, play board games, and other fun stuff. At 8 pm, it is time for Bryan, my son, to get to bed. I then spend 2 hours with my husband before going to bed ourselves at 10 pm CST.

7. What types of digital products do you create, and how do you come up with ideas for them?

I like to create printables, courses, financial spreadsheets, and ebooks. I come up with ideas by doing research on Etsy, Pinterest, Google, and paid tools like Sales Samurai and Everbee.

Spreadsheets that Mom Beach sells on Etsy

8. How do you sell your digital products?

I have a Shopify Store where my customers can purchase most of my products. My courses have also been added there recently to help get more sales.

I also use content marketing with my blog to drive traffic from Google and Pinterest. Each blog post has a freebie opt-in form that leads to a sales page. I also sell products in some blog posts if they get lots of traffic.

Here is the typical workflow:

  • A reader finds one of my blog posts ranking organically on Google. The posts solve problems for moms around topics like saving money, home organization, activities for kids, etc.
  • Each blog post offers a free printable opt-in as a lead magnet. For example, a post on the 30-day money savings challenge would offer a free budget planner printable.
  • After opting in with their email to get the freebie, readers are sent to a sales page. This showcases my paid product bundle at a discounted price.
  • To create urgency, the discounted bundle price is only available for 20 minutes via a countdown timer. After that, the price goes back to full retail.
  • For readers who don’t purchase, I set up email follow-up sequences. These continue promoting the bundle deal at the discounted price even after the timer ends.

This marketing funnel system takes readers from a free blog post, to a free opt-in, and finally into a low-risk product purchase offer. Layered value delivery is key. Don’t give away a 300-page mega printable for free or people will less likely purchase it later. Instead, give a smaller 5-10 page freebie and sell the bigger bundle.

9. What channels do you use to get traffic (eyes) to your products?

I get about 30% of my traffic from Google and 60% from Pinterest. 10% is from Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

People looking at a pie chart and other statistics

10. How much do you earn with your business?

I earn $30k – $40k a month on average. Some months will be higher and some will be lower. It depends on the season.

11. Are you self-taught or have you taken any classes or courses to learn how to do all of this?

No, I have taken over $50,000 worth of courses. I’m also in a $ 2k-a-month mastermind group where I learn advanced sales and marketing techniques. I’m always spending money on my education to learn as much as I can to be a better product creator and seller.

12. What advice would you give to anyone who would like to get started creating digital products?

Get started and don’t listen to any naysayers who will try to discourage you. Follow your dreams and don’t look back. I suggest you join my membership,, which helps you start and grow a successful digital product business for a low affordable monthly price.

13. Do you have a course or product that you sell outside of selling your own digital products?

Yes, I have several courses for sale at that you can check out.

14. How can others find you- as we are all fans of you now?!

You can check out my blog,,, and get a course on how to create a planner in Canva plus the created planner with commercial use:


Thank you Becky for such an awesome interview!

This was ammmmaaazzzinnngg. If you guys haven’t checked her blog out yet, what are you doing? 

Another great success story from finding an idea that works and learning on how to constantly improve by investing in yourself and your business.  

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