30+ Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy ($12,000/mo.) Including Examples

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Do you want to know the best digital products to sell on Etsy?

So did we!

Everyone talks about how much they make on Etsy, so we’re like, ok then, what do you sell?

We did the research, so you don’t have to! In this article, we’ll share what we found so you can ask yourself…”Is this something I want to do?” If not, go to the next one and then the next one.

The idea is for you to leave this article with a product idea to start working on today! The best part is that we give you the earning potential for each product idea, so you won’t waste your time thinking if it can be profitable.

But, before we get too far, you might be wondering, “Why Sell Digital Products on Etsy?

Well, for 3 reasons!

  • You make a product once and can sell it forever
  • Digital products save the money you would be spending on resources if you choose to sell physical products
  • Digital products are never out of stock!

I did a video on the Top 4 Digital Products to sell on Etsy, so I highly recommend you consider these first.

You can see that here.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase through a link.

Step 1: Competitive research

This is so vital for Etsy sellers. By doing this, you can find out market trends, differentiate products, and optimize pricing and marketing strategies to ensure that this is something you should even consider.

By analyzing your competitors on Etsy, you can gain so much valuable insights to guide your decision-making and position your Etsy shop for growth and customer satisfaction.

That’s why I bought this Chrome extension, specifically designed for Etsy, and it allows you to spy on your potential competition. 

Things like revenue in the last month, how many other listings they offer to see how well they’re doing, and how YOU can do the same. 

There is a free version, but like almost anything that’s free nowadays, it’s so limited that the free version is almost pointless. 

So if you want to get the best value out of the tool, get the paid version, and cancel after you decided on your product.

Here is a list of the digital products we found on Etsy with great earning potential. Enjoy!

30 Most Profitable Digital Products On Etsy

1. Digital Planners – [Potential $4K/mo+]

Weekly planner

Digital planners are becoming more and more popular, and people are earning thousands in revenue selling planners online.

This is one of the best-selling digital planner sets on Etsy.

Digital weekly calendar

Using this tool, I can see they’ve made over $4,000 in sales in the last month. And it’s only been listed for 4 months!

And this one isn’t even the best seller.

This seller started less than 12 months ago and has earned over $30K in revenue in the last month!

If that seller is earning this BIG as a new seller, just know…That could be YOU too.

You’d want to ask yourself, how? My guess would be through Etsy search ads.

2. Social Media Branding – [Potential $4K/mo+]

A person on their phone with a cup of coffee

Selling “Social Media Branding” on Etsy gives sellers a chance to meet the growing need for digital marketing services in a more relatable way.

By offering thoughtfully designed social media branding packages, you can help businesses create a consistent and visually appealing online presence across different platforms.

You could provide customized profile graphics, cover images, templates, and other digital assets that align with clients’ unique brand identities.

You can showcase your skills and connect with businesses that are eager to enhance their social media branding without breaking the bank.

Then offer coupons and referral discounts to get even more business.

3. Printables – [Potential $4K/mo+]

Paper with scissors and clipboard

Even though printables are priced fairly low most of the time, the key ingredient is figuring out the demand for your product and selling it multiple times.

I know a person making $8,000/mo selling Printables and she attributes it to taking this course.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to be successful selling printables either because in the course they have these things called “done for you” templates where you can just slightly change it up to make it your own.

I did a free tutorial on how to get started with Printables here.

4. Print on demand – [Potential $4K/mo+]

Shirts with different country logos

With this one, you won’t need to keep any inventory, ship any products to customers, or worry about returns.

None of that.

Because print-on-demand suppliers like Printful or Printfy will do all of that for you.

The only thing you’ll need to do is create the design.

Just look at the Sunshine store who partners with like-minded creators and helps them build collections. They earn well over 6 figures.

They use organic tactics to create a very strong top-of-funnel through all of our artists’ social media channels, ranging from Substack to Instagram to TikTok. With their combined reach, they have an audience of over 1.4M.

5. Loss leader Strategy – [Potential $4K/mo+]

Perspective is everything you’ll take a loss on a sale just to have more sales.

Make sure you read to the end to see our secret strategy to get more sales on Etsy.

6. Birthday Card – [Potential $500/mo]

Boxes wrapped nicely with a just for you tag

If you’re into Events, selling birthday cards on Etsy could give you an extra $500/mo.

Start by designing eye-catching and unique cards that stand out. 

You can add personal touches or handmade details to make them stand out.

7. Branding kits – [Potential $1,800/mo+]

Branding chart

These all-in-one packages are perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to establish a cohesive and professional brand identity.

There are millions of start ups every year that need help to make branding kits.

By using platforms like Canva you can create your own visually stunning Branding Kits to list for sell on Etsy.

Typically Branding Kits include:

  • Company logo
  • Brand assets
    Color scheme palette.
    Contact information

Be sure to create different packages so customers can easily download the kits that provide comprehensive brand guidelines.

8. Budget trackers – [Potential $5,000/mo+]

A man and woman working on a laptop together

If finance comes easy to you, and you excel at it, consider creating and selling a budget tracker to help others.

Right now, these tools are in high demand!

Create a user-friendly and visually appealing budget tracker templates that cater to different needs, such as monthly, weekly, or specific expense categories.

You can showcase the versatility and practicality of your trackers through informative product descriptions.

Make sure you’re better than your competition and include sample pages or screenshots to give potential buyers a glimpse of what they can expect.

Emphasize how your trackers can help users stay organized, save money, and achieve their financial goals.

9. Business Cards – [Potential $650+]

A black business card

You could sell business cards!

These small but mighty marketing tools are always in demand. Begin by designing eye-catching and professional templates that cater to various industries and styles.

Highlight the customizable features, such as adding names, titles, and contact details, to make each card unique.

10. Calendars – [Potential $30,000+]

Monthly calendar

These versatile and practical products are perfect for keeping track of schedules and adding flair to any workspace.

You can start by designing visually appealing calendar templates that feature captivating artwork, themes, or personalized touches.

11. Children Learning Materials – [Potential $500+]

A little girl working on her alphabet

You could make hundreds a month by selling Children learning materials.

From interactive flashcards to educational games and activities, there are resources to cater to different ages and subjects.

Make sure your materials are designed to make learning enjoyable and promote cognitive development.

You can find alphabet and number activities, language and literacy resources, STEM kits, art and creativity sets, and much more.

12. Cosmetic Labels – [Potential $600]

A jar of cream with pink flowers next to it

You could sell stylish cosmetic labels!

These essential items are perfect for beauty enthusiasts and small business owners in the cosmetic industry.

Start by designing attractive and professional label templates that can be customized with product names, ingredients, and branding elements.

Include clear product photos that showcase the labels on different cosmetic products, demonstrating how they can enhance packaging aesthetics.

13. Crochet patterns (e-Patterns) – [Potential $3,000/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

You can start selling captivating crochet patterns!

You can start by designing unique and well-structured crochet patterns that are easy to follow and produce stunning results.

Highlight the versatility of your patterns, whether it’s for cozy blankets, adorable amigurumi, or stylish accessories.

14. Custom portraits – [Potential $5,000/mo+]

Woman laying her head on a fuzzy pillow

You could sell custom portraits!

These personalized works of art make for unique and cherished gifts.

You can start by offering various styles, such as realistic, digital, or whimsical, to cater to different customer preferences.

Showcase examples of your previous work in a portfolio or gallery, demonstrating your versatility and skill.

Request clear reference photos from customers to ensure accurate depictions.

15. Editable flyers – [Potential $600/mo+]

Different marketing flyers

Sell editable flyers!

These versatile templates are perfect for individuals and businesses looking to create eye-catching promotional materials.

Begin by designing attractive and professionally crafted flyer templates that cater to different industries or event types.
Highlight the customizable elements, such as text, colors, and images, to make each flyer unique to the buyer’s needs.

Consider offering bundle options or customization services to cater to diverse customer preferences.

16. Embroidery Patterns – [Potential $1,400/mo+]

Embroidery pattern with flowers

Sell embroidery patterns!

These digital treasures are perfect for crafters seeking new and delightful projects.

Start by designing unique and well-detailed embroidery patterns that showcase your creativity and expertise.

Offer a variety of designs, from intricate floral motifs to cute animals or trendy typography.

Craft engaging product descriptions that highlight the skill level required and the potential applications of each pattern.

Consider providing additional tips or stitch guides to support customers throughout their projects.

17. Excel finance tracker – [Potential $1,500/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Sell an Excel finance tracker!

This is a powerful tool perfect for individuals trying to manage their personal or business finances effectively.

Start by creating a comprehensive and user-friendly Excel finance tracker template.

Ensure it includes features such as income and expense tracking, budgeting, goal setting, and visual representations of financial data.

Craft compelling product descriptions that emphasize the functionality and ease of use of your tracker.

Include screenshots or video demos to give potential buyers a glimpse of the template in action.

Highlight how your tracker can help users gain better control over their finances and achieve their financial goals.

Be better than your competition.

18. Excel Templates – [Potential $1,500/mo+]

Laptop with excel graphs

Sell Excel templates!

These customizable tools can simplify various tasks and boost productivity.

Start by designing user-friendly templates for popular needs, such as project management, budgeting, inventory tracking, or event planning.

Craft compelling product descriptions that highlight the functionality and time-saving benefits of your templates. Include screenshots or video tutorials to demonstrate how they work.

Emphasize the flexibility to customize and tailor the templates to each user’s specific requirements.

19. Digital Flashcards – [Potential $1,200/mo+]

Man and woman practicing flashcards with their baby

Sell interactive flashcards!

These engaging study tools are perfect for learners of all ages.

Begin by designing visually appealing flashcard templates that cover various subjects or topics, from language learning to science or history.

Craft concise and informative product descriptions that highlight the educational value and versatility of your flashcards. Include clear images or examples of how the flashcards can be used effectively.

Consider offering different formats, such as printable PDFs or digital flashcard sets compatible with popular study apps.

20. Fonts – [Potential $600/mo+]

New York written in different font options

Sell fonts!

These creative assets are in high demand for designers, entrepreneurs, and content creators.

Start by designing distinctive and visually appealing fonts that stand out in the market.

Craft compelling product descriptions that highlight the versatility and aesthetic appeal of your fonts, showcasing how they can enhance various design projects.

Include clear examples or previews of the characters and styles available.

Consider offering different font formats and licenses to cater to different customer needs.

21. Graphic design – [Potential $1,200/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Sell captivating graphic design assets!

These creative resources are in high demand for businesses, marketers, and individuals looking to enhance their visual projects.

Begin by designing eye-catching and versatile assets such as logos, icons, social media templates, or infographics.

Craft compelling product descriptions that highlight the quality and functionality of your designs, showcasing how they can elevate branding and communication efforts.

Include clear images or previews of the assets to give potential buyers a glimpse of the final product.

22. Guide for Pharmacology – [Potential $8,000/mo+]

2 people working on a questionnaire

Create a comprehensive guide for pharmacology!

Start by organizing the guide into sections that cover essential topics such as drug classifications, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and common drug interactions.

Provide clear explanations and examples to enhance understanding.

Include relevant diagrams, charts, or tables to illustrate concepts effectively.

Consider including case studies or practice questions to reinforce learning.

Format the guide in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner, ensuring it is easy to navigate and understand.

23. Invitations – [Potential $2,000/mo+]

Supplies to make invitations, flowers, cardstock, ribbon

Sell beautifully designed invitations!

Start by creating a collection of invitation templates that cater to different occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, or corporate events.

Craft captivating and informative product descriptions that highlight the unique features of each invitation, such as customizable elements or theme options.

Offer customization services to accommodate specific event details, ensuring a personalized touch.

24. Knitting pattern – [Potential $800/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Share your knitting expertise and inspire fellow crafters.

Start by creating a collection of patterns that cater to different skill levels and project types, such as scarves, hats, or cozy sweaters.

Craft detailed and easy-to-follow instructions that guide knitters through each step of the process, from selecting the right yarn to finishing touches.

Include clear and high-quality images or diagrams that illustrate the finished product and any intricate stitch patterns.

Craft engaging product descriptions that highlight the uniqueness and versatility of each pattern.

25. Labels – [Potential $1,400/mo+]

Spice labels

Add a touch of professionalism and organization to various items by selling stylish and functional labels!

Start by designing a diverse range of label templates that cater to different needs, such as organizing pantry items, office supplies, or personal belongings.

Make product descriptions that highlight the versatility and durability of your labels, emphasizing their adhesive quality or water-resistant features.

Include clear images or examples that showcase the labels on different surfaces, demonstrating how they can enhance organization and aesthetics.

26. Lightroom presets – [Potential $1,000/mo+]

Laptop editing photographs

Sell your own Lightroom presets!

These pre-configured settings can help photographers achieve consistent and professional results with just a few clicks.

Begin by creating a collection of presets that cater to different styles, moods, or photography genres.

Craft compelling product descriptions that highlight the unique characteristics and effects of each preset, showcasing how they can enhance images.

Include before-and-after examples or side-by-side comparisons to demonstrate the transformation.

Offer clear instructions for installing and using the presets, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Consider providing customer support or additional tips to help users maximize the potential of your presets.

27. Logo Design – [Potential $500/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Consider selling custom logo designs!

Start by offering a range of logo design packages that cater to different needs, from startups to established companies.

Craft compelling product descriptions that highlight the uniqueness and professionalism of your logo designs, emphasizing the attention to detail and strategic approach you bring to each project.

Include a portfolio of your previous work to showcase your style and versatility.

Offer customization options, allowing clients to provide their business name, colors, and any specific design preferences.

28. Patterns – [Potential $1,500/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Consider selling captivating patterns on Etsy!

Whether it’s sewing, crocheting, knitting, or other crafts, patterns are in high demand.

Start by creating a collection of patterns that cater to different skill levels and project types, such as garments, accessories, or home decor items.

Craft detailed and easy-to-follow instructions that guide crafters through each step of the process, from selecting materials to finishing touches.

29. Photography – [Potential $500/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Share your photographic talent and offer stunning visuals to customers!

Start by curating a collection of your best and most captivating images, showcasing your unique style and artistic vision.

Make compelling product descriptions that evoke emotions and tell the story behind each photograph.

Offer different print sizes and mediums, such as framed prints or canvas wraps, to cater to diverse customer preferences.

30. Planners – [Potential $700/mo+]

Calendar planner with goals

Help people stay organized and productive by selling beautifully designed planners on Etsy!

Start by creating a range of planner templates that cater to different needs, such as daily, weekly, or monthly planning.

Craft compelling product descriptions that highlight the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your planners, showcasing features like goal-setting pages, habit trackers, or inspirational quotes.

31. Printable Planners – [Potential $2,500/mo+]

Planner booklet with pen

Sell printable planners.

These digital planner templates can be easily downloaded and printed at home, allowing customers to customize and organize their schedules to fit their needs.

32. Procreate brushes – [Potential $1,200/mo+]

Procreate logo, black square with rainbow color line

Sell procreate brushes on Etsy!

These digital tools can add unique textures, effects, and styles to creations.

33. Self-Improvement Printables – [Potential $1,000/mo+]

Scrabble tiles spelling Focus on remedies not faults

Sell self-improvement printables on Etsy!

These downloadable templates can help customers track their progress, set goals, and cultivate positive habits.

34. Sewing Patterns – [Potential $1,500/mo+]

A woman sewing

Showcase your sewing skills and offer fellow crafters a way to create beautiful garments and accessories.

35. Social Media Templates – [Potential $1,200/mo+]

A woman looking at a computer

If you wanna make an impact online sell social media templates on Etsy!

These customizable designs can help individuals and businesses create engaging and professional posts across various platforms.

Start by creating a collection of templates that cater to different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest

36. Stickers – [Potential $1,200/mo+]

Stickers of food on a window

Sell stickers on Etsy!

Whether you sell cute animals, inspirational quotes, or vibrant patterns, there’s something for everyone.

37. Tags – [Potential $1,000/mo+]

A printed tag on a shirt

Sell unique and customizable tags!

These tags are perfect for adding a personalized message or a decorative element to gifts, handmade items, or party favors.

38. Travel wall art – [Potential $600/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Transform someone’s space with travel wall art!

These art pieces are perfect for adding a touch of wanderlust and inspiration to a customer’s home decor.

39. Wall Art – [Potential $2,000/mo+]

A white couch with pillows in front of a pink wall

Sell wall art.

Not all customers are looking for “travel wall art”.

They’re just looking for a captivating focal point.

40. Wallpapers – [Potential $500/mo+]

White geometric pattern

Sell unique and eye-catching wallpapers.

Help add personality to customers’ homes or personalize their phone or computer screens.

41. Website Templates [Potential $4,000/mo+]

A laptop with different pattern on it

Sell customizable website templates!

These templates could offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for customers looking to establish an online presence.

Offer pre-designed layouts, color schemes, and typography options, allowing your customers to customize them to match their brand or personal style.

Make sure it’s compatible with WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, making the setup process seamless.

42. Website themes – [Potential $1,000/mo+]

A person working on a laptop

Offer website themes!

Make them available to platforms like WordPress, Shopify, or HTML templates.

Allow customers to personalize colors, fonts, and other elements to match their brand or style.

43. Wedding Invitation – [Potential $2,000/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Sell wedding invitations on Etsy!

And NO the market is not TOO crowded.

There are sellers on Etsy that started less than 12 months ago and earning over $2K/mo.

You can create beautiful wedding invitations that leave a lasting impression on guests.

44. Wedding printables – [Potential $2,000/mo+]

Wedding programs

Sell wedding printables!

These digital templates provide a cost-effective and creative way to personalize a bride’s wedding details.

45. Workbook on self-love – [Potential $3,000/mo+]

digital products to sell on Etsy

Sell a comprehensive workbook on self-love!

These workbooks are designed to guide and support your customers in developing a healthy and positive relationship with themselves.

46. Worksheets [Potential $800/mo+]

A notebook on top of a grid

Sell worksheets.

These downloadable worksheets cover a wide range of subjects and topics, providing a fun and effective way to practice and reinforce skills.

Best Platforms to Create Digital Products


Canva is easy to use, has lots of features, and lets you design a variety of things.

It has ready-made templates and elements for different digital products like social media posts, presentations, and logos.

You can customize these templates to fit your style or brand.

Canva works on computers and mobile devices, so you can create and access your designs from anywhere.

It also connects with other tools and lets you export your designs. Canva has a helpful community and resources to learn from too.


Adobe has powerful tools and a wide range of features.

It is widely used by professionals in various creative fields, making it an industry standard.

Adobe software works well together and can be integrated with other tools. It is constantly updated with new features, and there are plenty of resources available to learn from.


Visme has versatile design tools, an easy-to-use interface, and allows for data visualization and interactivity.

It offers collaboration features, and a vast asset library, and integrates well with other platforms. Visme is accessible and provides excellent customer support.

Digital Products to Sell on Etsy – FAQs

1. What types of digital downloads sell best on Etsy?

Sewing patterns. Coloring pages. Printable wall art. Fonts. Logos are the best digital downloads to sell on Etsy.

2. Does selling digital products on Etsy actually work?

Digital products sell well on Etsy, but a lot goes into it.

A quick search online turns up various search results of people making hundreds to thousands per month.

That’s why I love to do my research and use THIS tool to see how other sellers are doing financially.

The more time you spend in the beginning picking out a profitable niche and product idea, the more success you’ll have in the long run.

3. How many digital products can I sell on Etsy?

Etsy allows you to upload up to 5 digital files (each with a limit of 20 MB) in your product listings.

4. How do I find best-selling digital products on Etsy?

By using this tool to spy on your (future) competition.

File Types For Etsy Digital Downloads

The most common and widely used file types are JPG, PNG, and PDF. Which one is the best to use depends on your product.

For example, if you sell a graphic with a transparent background, you would need a file type like PNG or SVG. If you are selling an ebook, PDF is probably the way to go.

‍Etsy supports these additional file types:

  • .bmp

Do Market Research To Determine the Viability Of The Idea

Market research is SO important when selling on Etsy because it helps you understand what customers want, stay updated on trends, know your competition, set prices effectively, validate product ideas, and refine your marketing strategies.

By doing research, you increase the chances of success and make informed decisions on Etsy.

Consider Seasonal VS Evergreen Items

Considering seasonal versus evergreen items when selling on Etsy is important because it helps you cater to different customer preferences, capitalize on seasonal demand, maintain consistent sales throughout the year, reduce risk, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Balancing both types of items gives you flexibility and adaptability in your product strategy, maximizing your success on Etsy.

How to get more sales on Etsy?

  • Take clear, attractive photos of your products.
  • Write detailed descriptions that explain what your products are and their features.
  • Set competitive prices based on market research.
  • Encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews.
  • Use relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions to improve search visibility.
  • Clearly communicate your shop’s policies on shipping, returns, and customer service.
  • Create a consistent and professional brand image.
  • Promote your products on social media platforms.
  • Regularly add new products or update existing ones.
  • Engage with the Etsy community to build relationships and gain exposure.

No matter which one of these digital products to sell Etsy you choose, you’re opportunities are now in place, and you’re set up for success.

Keep your focus on creating top-notch products, optimizing your listings, engaging with the Etsy community, and being open to growth and adaptation.

So, let me know in the comment section which digital product you plan on selling. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Our Secret Strategy

Our secret strategy for success is really simple.

Be better than the best out there.

That means doing your research and identifying your top competitors to be better than them to make your products or services the most attractive.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this list of digital products to sell on Etsy that you can try out.

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